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July 28th, 2012 klkuts14

“So, you must be so excited! Are you packed?” These are the words that have been thrown at me like a pile of rocks for the past week. No, I do not know what I am bringing. No, I am not packed. No, I do not know how to fit my life into a small suitcase. I have been too preoccupied with finishing up my 8 week summer internship, spending time with my family and friends, as well as exploring the wonders of my own country! Ok, so when I say wonders, I mean walking around my neighborhood and going out for ice cream. But still! There were so many things on my bucket list for the summer which I now only have 7 days to complete! That, and the fact that I still need to buy last minute items, pack a suitcase, and, oh yeah, go to Boston to get my Visa!
But I am not freaking out. I am going to stay strong and carry on! Does that rhyme? For the longest time I have been envisioning my life abroad, but not that it’s finally one week away, I cannot fathom that this is real life. So, Agenda for the next few days:
1. Begin Packing (But how…)
2. Go to Target (In French they pronounce it “Tar-jay”)
3. Complete my internship (having had to squeeze in my eight week internship before my departure was not an easy task, therefore I am working until the last couple of days in CT)
4. Say goodbye to family and friends (don’t worry, those dedicated few who read my blog will receive post cards)
5. Get Haircut (I would love to receive a chic French hairdo but I’m going to have to wait a few months to become fluent before I try and communicate with someone who has the power to shave my head)
6. Pray to the French government that my Visa arrives on time
7. Pack. Pack. Pack.
5 mademoiselles (aka American Strasbourg students), 4 different types of identification (the French are really strict about admitting foreigners), 3 pieces of luggage, 2 host families, one year…Not exactly priceless but definitely worth the adventure!

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