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La Grande Migration

September 3rd, 2012 klkuts14

Bonsoir America!
I’m so sorry; it’s been far too long since I’ve written to you all-my avid readers whom I love so dearly. My only excuse is that I was visiting more chateaux, packing up my life in Tours, moving in with a new family in Strasbourg, and just beginning orientation at the University. There’s also the petit problem that I left my battery converter in Tours so I have not been able to charge my computer. However, before the great migration to Strasbourg, I need to point out that during my last week of Tours I accomplished many things. First and foremost, I discovered my future home! It’s a beautiful Chateau called Villandry that has a plethora of exquisite gardens and is situated in a small village surrounded with woods, farmland, and more! The best part is that it is not owned by the government, but was purchased by a man and his wife who actually raised their family there! Now, the only thing I need to do is seek out the remaining family members and see if there are any French bachelors looking to share this home with an American girl (I realize this may not actually happen, solely due to the fact that there may not be any male single children in the family, but I can still dream can’t I?) Besides visiting castles, I and two other girls had the opportunity to cook dinner one night and it was sensational! Together, using our three very different traditional recipes from home, we managed to pull together a rather tasty meal of spaghetti and meatballs, accompanied by a delicious chocolate cake that Jess’s host mother taught us how to make! All I can say is that many memories were made and I may have eaten more this night than I had in a week #homenostalgiaproblems
Before we knew it, it was Friday, our last and final day in Tours. We finally had the opportunity to go to this amazing Italian restaurant in Place Plume (the town square, which is always poppin) called Leonardo Da Vinci and the seven of us dined together for the last time. A very bittersweet moment needless to say, as we Strasbourg chicas said goodbye to the pair headed to Dijon and gave a final toast to our beautiful adventures together. Later that night, my host mom prepared my first French meal of duck and chocolate mousse, and I finished off my Tours experience at la good old ganguette. It also happened to be extremely cold that night, which is exactly why I came up with the brilliant idea to wear two scarves, my combat boots, and winter gloves (the others were totally just jealous). This brings us to Saturday morning where I yet again packed up my life and headed off to a new land! As for my main problem for not blogging: I resolved them all today when my dear amigo Kelia and I went shopping after orientation this afternoon and decided that it was time to invest in a few necessities:
1. Battery converter: very important considering my computer has been dead for the past two days and I have had anxiety attacks over not being able to check all my very important holy cross mass e-mails. I may just suggest that they put those who study abroad in “special folder” and perhaps find the meaning of a filter 
2. School Supplies! This was also tres important because we start school next week and I have been using the same splotchy ink pen for the past month. Being American, we also come from a school system where “back to school supplies” are as big a job as renovating a new house.
3. Two words: Long champ. I really despise “blending in” with the crowd in terms of wearing the same clothes and having the same brand names as everyone else. HOWEVER, this is France and having a long champ is almost equivalent to owning a baseball cap- mainly because at the same time it is so practical! It was a necessity, which is also something that my new Strasbourg family and I one hundred percent agreed upon. It also costs less here than in the United States, is a super great investment, and is just so pretty… (Mom, if you need more convincing just talk to my host sisters)
Speaking of my new host family…I LOVE THEM! Not that I wasn’t very happy with my host mother in Tours, but there are just so many little things that bring joy to my life here. I decided that living with a family with children is something so special that every study abroad student should have the opportunity to experience. My family in particular is awesome. They are very welcoming and we already have so many things in common! For example, they don’t own a microwave! (Friends and family, you know all you have to do is say those words and you have won the key to my heart). They also read and watch Harry Potter…ok, so it was on tv and who doesn’t own a harry potter book? But still! They also just love films in general and I think they have already taught me a few things about American classics. There are also TONS of elephant paintings, sculptures, and knick knacks, which just happen to be my favorite animal. Then, there’s the kicker: FOOD! My host mother is a fantastic chef and has already made some wonderful dishes…tonight we had soup! Need I say more? Just one last note about my host family before I get carried away…my host brother. We watched Glee together the first night here and I need to just thank him for making this transition that much easier. He’s just a teddy bear!
Tonight, I am mentally preparing for the week ahead which involves registering for classes. If only it were as easy as Holy Cross…unfortunately France has not yet made the transition to registration online and still has to do it the old fashion paper sign-up way. Luckily for us, we have help! I will let you all know how this goes, and if I’m not crying in all my photos next week, you will know that I survived. Wish me luck! Bisous
Ps. I have booked my ticket to Oktoberfest. I think this investment was almost as important as my long champ purchase. YOLO!

2 Responses to “La Grande Migration”

  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, Dear, Ktina!!!!!! How wonderful….so, you ate the duck? Are you eating MEAT AND BREAD? Holy Moly! You are having a life experience! And Soup….whatever brings anyone closer than a hot pot of soup or spaghetti sauce. EAT, Santa, EAT!
    I love you, I love you, I love you! No spaghetti O surprise, embrace it all. 2 pieces

  2. Patti says:

    Such an amazing adventure, Kristina! Enjoy! LOVE YOU!

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