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La Famille Americaine

October 17th, 2012 klkuts14

Bonsoir Mes Amies!
I would like to apologize yet again for the late blog entry, yet this time I do have one valid excuse…I WAS WITH MY PARENTS! Yes, the rents took the great journey across seas to come visit me in Strasbourg (although, I’m still thoroughly convinced that I was just an excuse for them to take yet another vacation). They arrived last Saturday, and even had energy to do some sightseeing, which after one day here; I think I convinced them to move. They loved the food (my dad is now obsessed with this Alsatian dish of meat and potatoes), the sights (my mother thought she was Hansel or Gretel), and even the host family! Sunday, they were invited to my house for a traditional French Sunday lunch, which consisted of a five course meal, two families from two different countries, and a language barrier that I thought would be an extreme obstacle. To my surprise, my parents (even my dad who can say all of three words in French) said they understood about 5 percent of the conversation, which I would have never guessed after observing the intense conversation he was having with my host mom (all in French of course). Somehow, they managed to make it out alive, and not too exhausted to later climb the Notre Dame Cathedral (Strasbourg not Paris) to the very top!
Monday through Thursday, we scheduled many rendez-vous with friends, which included a trip to Baden Baden! This day in particular was noteworthy for three reasons:
1. I ventured into the black forest! Ok, well technically Baden-Baden is a village surrounded by the black forest in Germany, and although we only walked next to the big dark trees, I still officially went inside. Next time, I want to walk all the way in, see a wild boar, get lost, and then try and leave breadcrumbs to find my way back out.
2. Speaking of wild boar…For dinner, Kelia, Barbara, my parents, and I went to this wonderful little German restaurant where I was force-fed wild boar, deer, and potatoes. According to Malou, it would have been a TRAVESTY if I went to the black forest and didn’t order venison. Mind you, it was delicious, but I solemnly swear to never eat Bambi again.
3. We went to the nude roman baths! In Baden Baden, there is a “Spa” that offers hot spring baths, one in which bathing suits aren’t allowed…NO, we did not go into these baths because we weren’t quite ready to be that close with foreigners, but give me one more trip to Germany and I’ll be there. When in Rome! (I guess the large area that requires bathing suits would be fine too)
Finally, the end of the week came and I thought I had to say goodbye to my parents as they would venture off to Paris to walk hand in hand on the Champs-Elysee…but then of course, I came up with the brilliant idea that instead of leaving me in Strasbourg, we should all vacation somewhere together for the weekend! So, after several words of convincing and a minor trip to the train station, we traded in (their) tickets for three train tickets to Brussels! Neither my parents nor I have ever ventured to Belgium before, so it was the perfect adventure for the three of us! We ate and drank our fill of chocolate (in the forms of bars, waffles, hot cocoa and free samples), enjoyed many of the shopping districts, and visited several museums in which I rediscovered the sound of music (only instruments, not related to the beloved film) and a taste for modern art. It was so nice to see them, and even though I was sad to say goodbye, I realized that this was the half-way point from the time that I left for Tours until I come home for Christmas break…ummm WEIRD! C’est fou. This is when I panicked, realizing that I have so few weekends to travel this semester and so little time! Behold, I am now in possession of two tickets to the UK! Details TBA. This week, I am still trying to play catch up on sleep, attempting to figure out what’s going on in my classes, and enjoy my last week/ weekend before our big exciting Parisian/ Spanish extravaganza! Current status: very happy to be in France (even though I still hold a place in my heart for Germany), and so thankful for friends, family, and cows. I would also like to go shopping this week because it’s getting very cold here and I am really trying to figure out why I did not pack a winter jacket. A bientot!

3 Responses to “La Famille Americaine”

  1. A from the UK says:

    Ma chere,

    This post is precious. You went to Baden-Baden! You went to Brussels! Saw the family! Had proper Belgian chocolate! And of course the last part… yipeeeeeeee! Too excited!

    Much Love,

  2. Aunt Lisa says:

    Hello KTina!
    Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve written. Cows? Thankful for cows? Because of cheese? Filet Mignon? What?

    Sounds like tres fun! I’m glad to see that you’re embracing all of these cultures, food & drink and all of it!

    My plan is to come to France in May with the gang. I am hopeful as this move to the mountains has been tough on us, but exciting at the same time. I love you, I love you!

  3. klkuts14 says:

    Thanks Aunti lis! I hope it works out!! I wouldlove for you to visit me! hope all is well in the mountains…i would love to visit you one day soon 🙂 xoxo

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