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January 30th, 2013 klkuts14

Hello Friends!
I am writing to undercover, from the top secret grounds of my host family’s apartment on Rue de Haguenau in Strasbourg, France. Well, maybe it’s not that top secret, but I would like to take the opportunity in this blog to cover the everyday life of a Study Abroad blogger in France to gain a perspective, especially for prospective study abroad students, what life over here is like on a daily basis. What is in store for the day of January 30th, 2013? Well, I will tell you people, the full out truth, ups and downs, of the daily life living abroad.
First, I had to wake up early this morning, because I now have an internship at the International Institute of Human Rights, based in Strasbourg, France conveniently enough. So, because it was an early morning, I had a bathroom run-in with my host sister (because like a normal family, we share the same bathroom) and then went to the breakfast table to take my usual yogurt, homemade apricot jam (I really need to learn how to make that), butter (it’s unavoidable), toast and tea. I then proceeded to have a lovely conversation about the weather, which is unusually humid, warm, and rainy on this mid-winter day, and headed outside to catch the tram for my “stage”. The tram, in case you were wondering, is a lovely invention, because although it still takes me ten minutes to walk to the nearest stop, this above ground metro system cuts my commute time in half. I then got to the institute, which is this little Alsatian looking building, and was assigned the task of translating a document from French to English, which by the way, is great practice, although I think they have far too much confidence in my language proficiency than they should (and I’m mostly referring to my English vocabulary). After “slaving away” at this all morning, I was told that I finished all the work needed, and besides my usual two and a half hour lunch break, I didn’t need to come back this afternoon at all! Chouette.
I then proceeded to get back on the tram, whip out my French version of “twilight” for some reading pleasure/ French practice, and met Jessica, Barbara, and Colleen for lunch at our favorite Café, Café Michel (They make the best goat cheese salads!). This week is also very special because I get a whole week off from Epitech! This, consequently, means I have more time to do things like go to the gym, take an extra leisurely lunch, and to make chocolate mousse. Yes, my host mom taught me the secret to make a fabulous mousse au chocolat and when she says I can proceed to make this anytime for the family, I will gladly take her up on this offer!
In the past week, on the other hand, I have been very busy with classes (my new wine history class is wonderful), visiting the wine caves of the hospital (yes, in France the caves were obviously made underneath the hospital so that Priests could heal people), and watching many old French films with my host mom. Last Saturday was also very special because not only did I have a three hour gossip girl marathon (with French dubs which makes it that much more ridiculous) with my host sister, but she also took me shopping so that I could finally buy a good pair of French shoes (And bonus, they were on sale with all the “soldes” going on)! I hope everyone else is “profiteering” of their winter days, because if we don’t take the time to seize opportunities, the best moments will slip away from us. Goal for this weekend: go back to the boat bar so I can dance the salsa again…
A plus!

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